The People Versus

​  Chris '*Judas Betray Us'Collins

                                                                                                                                                                                                                *(Quoted by residents of Lockport, Pendleton & Sardinia,NY)                                                                          



​          An Argument by the Voters of NY 27th Congressional District:

              Why we SHOULD NOT return him to Washington as Our Representative.

                   Chris'Judas Betray Us' Collins worked for the Citizens of NY 27 ?

                                He Never Did!  See below whose interests he put before us:                






​                 Nancy Pelosi

​               Former Speaker 

    The House of Representatives        

    Jeremy Zellner & Nick Langworthy

Erie County ​Democrat & Republican

                   Party Chairmen            

Welcome To

NY 27th District

         Mitch McConnell

​  Senate Majority Leader

                    Harry Reid

​Former Senate Majority Leader

​*Chris Collins Did NOT Admit he was on the JEB Bush campaign as a NY Chair when I asked who he supported for the GOP Nomination. He was advised by a political operative to jump on board the Donald Trump Campaign & become the first member of Congress to do so after he realized how UNPOPULAR & BETRAYED his constituents felt about his Representation in Congress.   

                                                         ​                                 *Kevin Aleong - Independent                      Write In Candidate for Congress NY 27


            JOHN BOEHNER

​           Former Speaker of              The House of Representatives

                PAUL RYAN

​          Current Speaker of                The House of Representatives