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Today, Kevin wants to serve as your  voice on Capitol Hill.

A voice that echoes Your concerns.

A voice that matters.

A voice that Cares.

A voice like Yours in OUR NY 27th Congressional District.

how do you want me to vote?

Meet Richard Ford, a noble citizen and unsung hero who still heeds to his Nation's call. See his story on  CitizenFord.com 

​SPREAD THE WORD !                

Your Voice Will Be Heard !  


                                                       Extract From CitizenFord.com

                                               Introducing Kevin Aleong
                                                        June 29, 2016

'Mr. Ford had decided in advance to respect the result of the Republican primary and not run as an independent, but last night he introduced his supporters to Kevin Aleong, who is running as an independent for congress in the 27th district.  Aleong believes that good people from both parties want to change politics for the better by having representatives with more loyalty to the people of their districts than to their parties.  You can read more about Aleong at: 
aleongforcongress.com '

Issues citizens want to address:

Imagine At Last!

A Congressional Representative...

Your Representative in Congress......

Who votes by Referendum via YOU.....His Constituents.....

Real Government from the People.....For The People....By The People !

  • ​​​It's time for your voice to be heard.  Below are just some of the current issues that are brought before Congress.  You tell me how you would like me to vote.  It's time that the good citizens of this nation have a voice that can be heard and listened to.  It is my job to be the voice of the true constituency - you, the voter.

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